I'm Nyssa, a Portland based illustrator and animator (still a student!) I'm Gender-fluid. I express love with food. I do not sleep. And all my roommates are NERDS.
Anonymous said:
you look like someone who ought to be in an old hollywood film, gorgeous!

Hell yeah, that is totally what I aspire to. Thank you!

Anonymous said:
you know only about 1 in 3 gay men have anal sex, so your comic kind of misrepresents gay relationships

I’ve done exactly one comic involving two people that expressly identify as men having sex (part 3 of happy endings, I think). In the comic it was implicitly implied (actually, I think it was actually verbalized) that one of the parties was interested in experimenting with his friend because of said friend’s experience with anal (although I think I said butt stuff). This is not a representation of a “gay relationship”, it is a representation of two friends trying something one of them wants to experience, which happens to be anal with a male partner.

I did not actually know that the statistic was 1 in 3 (though it sounds realistic and I would be inclined to believe a statistic like that if provided more validation), but given the purpose and content of the comic I feel that it was neither out of place, nor majorly misrepresentative.

My family and I are at a baseball game. It’s 9pm, 70 degrees outside, and raining. Still very fun though, and our team (the one Rey told me to cheer for) is apparently winning.

My family has managed to cram all eight of us into a rental car (there aren’t enough seats), and on one side of me my brother is talking at me about dnd, on the other side my sister is yelling at her mine craft game, and the baby is singing really out of tune and pouring water on his head, while my stepdad drives really slowly through the colorado university campus while my brother in high school sweats in shotgun seat, and my mom and other sister argue about some physics principle that I don’t even vaguely understand. It’s really chaotic and I love being home with them.

I can’t believe this little nerd is only two, he’s huge!

I can’t believe this little nerd is only two, he’s huge!

On of the best thing about living with babies is nap time. Like, everyday after lunch we all just kind of spend an hour or two passed out together, then we wake up as go back to life.

Anonymous said:
Only thing I hate about your Happy Endings series - I was clicking on the part 7 link to death, thinking that my computer was freezing up again only to realize there isn't even a part seven yet lmao. If I literally said "aww" out loud at least 3 times, that's pretty fucking cute. Great job! :D

Hahaha, thanks :) I got the follow up saying you figured it out, but it’s still really cute and flattering.

Anonymous said:
Your art makes me so happy, and makes me feel better about myself. You are fantastic, and if you help me, then you must be helping thousands. Thankyou.

Ahhhh thanks, that’s really sweet of you to say!

Anonymous said:
I was wondering if you would be open to making another consenting sex sketch with a bdsm scene. Male Master in ripped jeans with a crop, female slave in fish nets, a matching set of leather cuffs and a three ring collar.

While I think the idea of bdsm relationships are cool in that they satisfy a specific type of need and can be healthy outlets, I do not feel that I know nearly enough on the subject to be able to make an informed piece on it at the moment. I also think I would be disinclined to use a male Dom/female sub for this series if I were to get into it, for various personal and social reasons. Again, I’m not informed enough in it to make an audience ready piece. Caroline O’Grady is an amazing illustrator who has done some really good work in this, if you’re interested in looking into some pre-existing stuff.
If you want to commission an illustration or comic for a very specific personal scene, that is different and doable, but I am not ready to address the subject to a wider audience through my own perspective and work. Maybe someday, not now.

I met my family at their terminal and my baby brother who has only really seen me on video chat yelled ‘das neetah’ and gave me a slobbery kiss. It was awesome.

It is 5am, I’m on my way to the portland airport to go see my family for the first time in 8 months. Of course today was the day Portland decided to have a freak, middle-of-July rainstorm.

I haven’t changed my blog title or URL since I made my blog in 2011.