I'm Nyssa, a Portland based illustrator and animator (still a student!) I'm Gender-fluid. I express love with food. I do not sleep. And all my roommates are NERDS.

Jeremy and I are like a pair of grumpy old people today, grumbling and bickering, but mostly just too tired to think straight.

All art students I’ve ever known are either absolute health enthusiasts who eat like only organic stuff and exersize and do yoga, or are entirely conviced that they can survive off of coffee and cigarettes.

Anonymous said:
I was going through your blog and saw a selfie and I was like "wow they're hella cute look at they're outfits" and then kept going and "wow they're art is gorgeous and that shading is amazing" and then you drew someone in a hijab (I wear a hijab and wow I've only seen like 3 artists that draw girls in hijabs and 2 wear hijabs) and I got SO EXCITED! Thanks for representing my community in a fantastic way, I love your art and thank you so so so much!!

Oh my goodness, it’s very flatering and awesome to hear this :) I really don’t have the words to express how glad I am, about all of it.

I finished sewing this outfit this morning. I’m also listening to swing music so I feel very festive. 

Got tickets for Eugene for next weekend! Hella. Gonna go shake my booty with the dudies.

The college financial aid system makes me so angry. Most of the financial aid is based on your parents’ finances, which is shit luck for me because I’m not getting any support financially form my parents. Zero, absolutely none, but the government sees that they both have decentish jobs now, and does not take into account that there are seven other kids being supported by that and I am completely on my own, and they keep butchering my financial aid and forcing me into juggling more work with school and going into further into debt. I’m a fucking straight A student who’s been supporting myself for years now, JUST LET ME USE MY OWN FINANCIAL RECORD LEAVE My PARENTS OUT OF THIS I’M NOT GOING TO GET ANY MONEY FROM THEM. 


BLESS MARVEL, they’ve officially released this in HD

I think most everyone on my dash could use happy dancing Groot today <3


Part of the intro scene for Detective Chirpums: Private Investigator

Today was a good day for art and writing

And in case you didn’t see the gif posted earlier:


I’m having so much fun making this game

Anonymous said:
Spsss! Fix your mobile theme!

what’s happening with my mobile theme?

Thinking about the peace of being underwater a lot recently.

Thinking about the peace of being underwater a lot recently.

I feel like every fiber of my body has been converted into anger. And I want to turn this rage into power, something I can use to strike back at those who hurt unjustly. I don’t know how to yet. But I will figure it out.

Exercise I did to try and shake some art block.

Exercise I did to try and shake some art block.

Apologies for my recent inactivity. I’m going through some personal things right now. Hopefully I’ll be back on track and back to work soon.

Anonymous said:
mmm, I think you should do that with the addition of Bucky. yes please

Hahaha, ok