Selfie with Roommates Hand

Nyssa O. 2014

Oil on canvas


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Check out what 4 years did to me.

More practicing with Gretta!



it was sooo beautiful there. 

Gay nerds w/snapbacks. 



we went down to the water front. 

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found art in my building

Anonymous asked: Everything about your art is great I hope you find $40 on the ground today

That is such a nice thing to wish upon someone, thank you. You understand what speaks to my heart. 

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Happy Endings Part 5

Summer is coming, and sometimes ice cream takes priority. 

part1, part2, part3, part4


nyssa is living the dream

Pulled out some watercolors for some fun!

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Anonymous asked: What are your top 5 most exciting/favourite commissions you've done?

I can’t tell you about my favorite three because the content is. yeah. 

But I did a fun illustration of some ladies in a library recently, and there was a pretty great design for a french-revolution style scifi story. 

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Anonymous asked: May I just say that your art style is gorgeous, and that it always puts a smile on my face whenever it shows up on my dash? Because it does, and it makes me want to improve my own art style. You're an inspiration, and I thank you for that! I hope you have a good rest of the week, dear <3

Thank you!!

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